Max here, today we've received an exciting letter from the president of Somalia. They're paying major coin for large quantities of dick shipments. Dick sellers from around the world are stepping up, so we ask you, the fantastic supporters of, to sell your dicks here.

Remember, we're not here for the money, well, not mostly. We're here to help those poor little bastards in Africa and other third world shit-holes and give them a better life. That's our objective here. Give a little dick, earn a lot of heart.
June 9th is now Annual Masturbation Day, which will be celebrated for the first time ever in two days! So on that day, take it out and start fapping! Fap for the children! After you're done fapping, remember to send in your dick to be donated to the third world kids!

Dicksforthirdworldkids- Giving third world children dinner since 2013.

"Shh... Africa needs me.
*fap fap fap*"
-Creative Vikings, a.k.a Vik


16,000 children die of starvation every day. 16,000. That is eleven per minute. In fact, a kid or two has probably died since you started reading this article.

Now, our organization is here to provide hope and food for these third world children, even if our methods are a bit unconventional. See, you can donate your penis today and put dinner on a starving child's table. In fact, we will even give them your semen to drink alongside their meal. 

Find a local Dicksforthirdworldkids Center near you, and donate. The removal of your dick is absolutely painless, due to our advanced surgical methods.

Third world children need dicks. Third world children need you.


    Our names are Max Barrytholomew and Barry Odobol, we started this organization, and have donated eleven of our dicks. We hope you will consider at least donating one or two.


    June 2013